Incense Burner

Incense Burner

Incense Burner

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This exquisite ceramic Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner is absolutely stunning and creates a peaceful and tranquil environment. It has been carefully handcrafted of beautiful, glazed ceramic.

When the incense cone is lit, the trail of smoke mimics a waterfall flowing down a mountainside. Used for both aromatherapy and cleansing of your household air, this decorative piece will sure to create an eye-catching focal point and tantalizing bliss.

Incense burning for meditation and prayer is an ancient tradition. Burning incense for meditation decreases stress, and it is believed that different types of incense frankincense, sandalwood, and sage have the power to:

  • cleanse negative energy
  • ease tension
  • elevate your meditative state

White Sage Goloka Backflow Incense Cones -

Goloka Back Flow Incense Cones are made with natural herbs, oils& resins. These cones are designed such that smoke cascades down to enhance the beauty of the burner and perfume your home for a longer time. You will get 24 cones in the pack.

All proceeds from the distribution of Goloka brand products are used 100% for charitable activities of ISKCON Banglore like

The Akshaya Patra Foundation and Promotion of Organic Farming

  • visit for more details.

Lavender Back Flow Incense Cone -

These Satya Backflow Incense Cones are designed such that smoke cascade down to enhance beauty of burner and perfume your home for a longer time. The smoke cascades downwards as these backflow incense cones have a hole through their centers and the special backflow burners(not included in this pack) have reservoirs for the smoke to flow through. You will get 24 cones in the pack.

Its important to use a backflow incense cone to get the flowing smoke effect. Please use the incense holder inside a room where there is no breeze for optimal effect.

  • Handmade & Unique design
  • Comes with Premium Incense Cones as described above
  • Home Décor and Aromatherapy Ornament
  • Exquisite gifts & Beautiful Home Décor
  • Waterfall design with organic thread-like structure
  • Material: ceramic
  • Size: 8" Height

Intended Use:

  • Underlay Recommended


  • Ceramic


  • Height: 11
  • Length: 4.5
  • Width: 7.5
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