About Us

Hello! One thing this business values is a real, true, organic connection.

There is a big reason the forever bracelet came to life.

The commonality between the 99% of couples that end in break ups is when they fight, they fight about real, serious problems. Those conversations end fast because one of the partners in the relationship ends up leaving, being too arrogant to listen, or simply ignores what is being said.

This was when The Forever Bracelet™ was born. The Forever Bracelet makes it possible for partners to feel guilty when detaching the bracelet to leave in the middle of an argument. 

You are being FORCED to be together and work/talk out any and all problems you might be having. 100's of couples all over the world have used the bracelet, and 30 days after their purchases, they've reached out to us personally by email saying pretty much the same exact thing...


To separate the bracelets, you have both have to tug with force, and if only one of you tugs, it wont work. So if your problem isn't resolved, simply don't tug and make them sit down with you and finish the conversation you were in the middle of :)

We are based in sunny Los Angles, California and ship/manufacture the bracelets from Pasadena, California in the United States of America.

Our only goal in this business is customer satisfaction. We want to grow through word of mouth, which is why our prices our so low and our customer service is so efficient :)

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